Digital History Archives of Alliston, Ontario.

Alliston's Great Callamity Alliston Fire
Learn about the great fire of Alliston which swept through the newly incorporated town in 1891. Rumour has it that one of Sir John A. MacDonald's last actions as Prime Minister before he passed away was to commit federal aid to the beleaguered town.

Alliston's Former Fire Hall Articles, Documents & Newspaper Clippings
Did you know that Alliston has been profiled in national business magazines such as Canadian Business? From the unrest and uncertanty surrounding the amalgamation of 1991 to Alliston's former fire hall and jail, a myriad of information awaits your exploration.

Official Opening BMHS Artifacts
Alliston is full of priceless local artifacts. The official opening programmes for Banting Memorial High School, Alliston Memorial Library and the Town Administration Centre await your viewing.

Honda Plant Establishments
Did you know that local millionaire and founder of the Loblaw's grocery store paid for the construction of the original Stephenson Memorial Hospital? Or that a young Sir Frederick Banting etched his initials in the bell tower of St. John's United Church? The history of local schools, churches, and other public and private organizations and establishments await your discovery.

Potato Man Festivals
The Alliston Potato Festival is the highlight of almost every Allistonian's summmer, but did you know that the festival has been around for less than thirty years? Learn about the history of the Potato Festival and other special celebrations like the Town's Centennial festivities in 1947.

Potato Man Maps
Explore Alliston's evolution through its geographical layout. Maps from as far back as 1878 right up to the 1980's are just a click away.

Loblaw People
You may not know it but Alliston is awash with celebrities. Most people know that Sir Frederick Banting, co-discoverer of insulin, hails from Alliston. Did you also know that the founder of the Loblaw's grocery chain, T.P. Loblaw, also hails from Alliston? Learn more inside.

BMHS Pictures
Alliston's cityscape has undergone many changes over the years. Take a look at the way things used be. Photographs of everything from old churches to water towers await your exploration. A special section with current photographs of Alliston will allow you to compare then and now.

A Telephone Public Utilities
Can you imagine living with no telephones, electricity or running water? Learn about the pioneers of Alliston who strived to bring the services we now take for granted to our community.

railroad Railroad
Limited information exists on Alliston's relationship with its two rail lines, learn briefly about it here. Students from surrounding communities like Beeton, Tottenham and Everett used to ride the train to high school in Alliston every day!

tweedsmuir Tweedsmuir History
A complete and thorough guide to the history of Alliston compiled by the Women's Institute. The book is divided into the following sections: Introductory Pages, [Women's Institute] Branch History, Town History, Churches, Cemeteries, Schools, Century Farms, Library, Personalities, Miscellaneous, and Clubs & Organizations.